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Hypnotherapy is just one method of many provided by Tracy Lamperti in her professional private practice as a Licensed Mental Health Provider on Cape Cod. Those experiencing symptoms of anxiety, depression, habit control, attention and focus issues, anger management, sleep difficulties and many others may Hypnosis Cape Codbenefit from hypnotherapy. There are certain cases where hypnotherapy might be contraindicated.


A credible professional who is treating conditions that have been diagnosed, such as anxiety, adhd, depression, trauma, etc., also has the appropriate credentials to make such a diagnosis and monitor the progress of the condition. In most cases this professional has a license to practice mental health counseling, social work, nursing, or higher. If the professional does not have this credential, they should be working under the supervision of a professional who does have the credential or in the very least, be in close communication with such a professional.

The first step of hypnotherapy treatment involves getting to know a bit about the person and understanding the needs that they bring to the session.

The second step is to assist the person in understanding what can and cannot be accomplished through hypnotherapy. Many people have some preconceived notion of hypnosis. It may be that someone came to their school and “hypnotized” the students who attended the assembly. Maybe they went to a show and saw a “stage hypnotist.” Some people think it is like magic or the work of a “psychic,” where they will be able to contact themselves in the past or the future or get in touch with prior generations. The reality is that the “subject” (the person being “hypnotized”) is actually the one doing all the work. A credible hypnotherapist has training and expertise in the work of guiding the individual into a focused state of awareness. In that focused state the hypnotherapist offers suggestions, based on the reason the person has come. The individual is aware, during the process, that they are in the room with the therapist and that there are noises in the room or outside the room and the individual is free to do what they wish with the suggestions. At any time, they have the ability stop the process.

The third step is for the therapist to really support the individual in going deeper into the focused state, where new insights can be realized, either consciously or unconsciously.

The fourth step is for the therapist to bring the individual back to a state where they are fully oriented to the time and place, where they can share new insights, process the experience and actually begin right away to make use of their experience.

Tracy Lamperti utilizes hypnotherapy as one of various other treatment methods, such as; solution oriented therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, trauma based therapies, child and family therapy, marriage therapy, and others. 60 hours, plus 2 years of hypnotherapy skills have been obtained as follows;

2014 Fundamental Intensive Training in Ericksonian Approaches to Hypnosis, Milton H. Erickson Foundation
2013 Evolution of Psychotherapy, Ericksonian Hypnosis with Jeffrey Zeig
2001 Ericksonian Hypnosis with Jeffrey Zeig
1990-1991 Coursework in Hypnotherapy of Milton Erickson at Salem State College with Cesareo Pelaez.

Tracy Lamperti welcomes you to contact her to see if hypnotherapy might be an appropriate approach for reaching your goals.